Sunday, 14 September 2008

The End

I've kept you waiting, and I apologise. I teased a little, and then life got in the way, as life is always wont to do.

Also, I had to take my time, to tell you how I felt, and how I am, and sometimes I thought about coming back here to do it, and then I couldn't, because I can't always find the words to sum up how I feel. You all know that I'd waited for him for such a long time, and I'd never given up on him, and I'm quite sure that most of you thought I was mad.


'Of course I wouldn't see anyone else! Why would I do that when I'm in a relationship?'

I think I need my ears syringing. I'm fairly sure that it sounded like he said we were in a relationship. What word sounds like relationship? Battleship? No, the first bit is wrong. Station pip? That's closer, but it doesn't actually make any sense. 'I'm in a station pip' No, that's nonsense. Did he say we were in a relationship?

'You just said we were in a relationship.'

OK. I could have tried to make that sound like less of an accusation.

'I did, yeah. Well, we are, aren't we? Why? What did you think?'

Well, it obviously wasn't that, was it? Do you think I'd be sitting here having this conversation if that's what I thought? Madman.

'Well I didn't think we were in a relationship. You said at the start that it wouldn't be like that. What's changed all of a sudden? And why didn't you tell me?'

Oh, it was all going so well, until that last bit. Maybe he won't notice.

'What do you mean I didn't tell you?'


'Do I have to tell you? Women are supposed to be good at these things! I thought that you'd know! I didn't think I'd have to tell you!'

Yeah, right, laugh it up, funny guy. But...

'OK, so if you've known this, then what on earth did you think I wanted to talk about?'

'God, I dunno. I thought you wanted us to live together or something. I'm not ready for that yet.'

Not ready for that yet! Not ready for that yet! I've only been in a relationship for about 20 seconds! Let's slow down here a minute, funny guy!

And so it went on.

And so it goes on.

That was over two months ago, and I couldn't be happier. We're just about to go on holiday (to Sorrento), and I'm about to start living some of those dreams I had.

It kind of makes a bit of a mockery of this blog, certainly at the moment. I know life's not always this kind, not always this settled, but I also know that at the moment, I've never felt less like having a tantrum. Although I can't rule out a mid-life crisis.

And let's be honest, no one wants to hear a blogger chirruping away about how happy they are. Do they?

So it might be time to start a new incarnation, somewhere else. But if I do, I'll be sure to tell you where.

As long as you don't mind all the 'raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens' malarkey....