Saturday, 2 February 2008


I'll come back to the other topics, I promise.

But today, it's my birthday.

1. I'd like to stay up all night and watch the sun rise.
2. I'd like to go to a country I've never been to before.
3. I'd like to learn a new language.
4. I'd like to go dancing.
5. I'd like to be sent flowers.
6. I'd like to walk barefoot in the sand.
7. I'd like to go and see a new band.
8. I'd like to go to the opera.
9. I'd like to ride a horse.
10. I'd like to learn to drive.
11. I'd like to have beautiful nails, with patterns.
12. I'd like to lie in a field and look at the stars.
13. I'd like to make snow angels.
14. I'd like to smile and laugh more.
15. I'd like to drink champagne.
16. I'd like to go for a long walk in the country.
17. I'd like to go to the National Gallery.
18. I'd like to get a new job.
19. I'd like to go and see a French film, with subtitles.
20. I'd like to have a massage.
21. I'd like to see my son stay as happy as he is now.
22. I'd like to sit outside and drink wine in the evening.
23. I'd like to exercise more.
24. I'd like to wear fancy dress.
25. I'd like to spend more time with my friends.
26. I'd like to go to the theatre in London.
27. I'd like to watch Shirley Valentine again.
28. I'd like to learn to ski.
29. I'd like someone to tell me I look beautiful.
30. I'd like to start voluntary work.
31. I'd like to make a difference to someone.
32. I'd like to go on a boat.
33. I'd like to lose weight.
34. I'd like someone to sing to me.
35. I'd like to be brave.
36. I'd like a wish to come true.
37. I'd like to see fireworks, and have a sparkler.
38. I'd like to wear silk.
39. I'd like to be in love, and be loved back.
40. I'd like to be me, but better.

Lots of love,



belle said...

Happy birthday my lovely. Book yourself a Saturday towards the end of the year (september looks good!) 'cos we're going to London for the day. I was thinking National Gallery in the morning, Globe in the afternoon ...?

Lola said...

All the very best for the next 40 years, and the next 40 wishes - hope you fulfil all of these. Slip me your address and I'll do number 5...

Rainbow said...

Happy birthday! Think you look pretty good myself...
Hope you had a great day

aims said...

Happy birthday! Do the things you like...

Tina said...

Belle, hurrah! That's a two for one, and I shall gladly take you up on it.

Lola, if we carry on at this rate, I'll have them all done by March! Thanks very much.

Rainbow, god bless you, and the photo was only just before Christmas, rather than 10 years ago.

Aims, oh I will!

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Tina, put me down for number 29.

Happy Birthday, you're just a baby yet.

Oh, and I think a lot of your readers would agree that you've already achieved number 31.


farming-frenchstyle said...

Happy birthday for Saturday. Hope you managed to drink champagne then, and you look pretty beautifull from your photo. If you ever come to France that could be leg-up to learning a new language, and you could definitely sit outside and sip wine in the evenings. Hope you had a lovely day. Stay happy and radiant.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hi Tina. A very happy birthday to you.

Can sort number 4 and 7 out at the same time - come with me next time the Icicle Works play. I promise you will dance till you drop and smile all night.

Number 8 Sorry, you are on your own at the opera - leaves me cold all that warbling in a foreign language.....

Number 11 - sorted - I have mine manicured and painted every colour imaginable every 3 weeks. They look lush. Find yourself a nail technician who can use Biosculpture - it's ace, doesn't chip and comes in a huge array of colours.

As for number 29, well I can't tell you you LOOK beautiful but I KNOW you ARE beautiful. Remember, you got all brave and posted the photo.

Much love lovely lady MMOF xxxx

Anonymous said...

Why the hell do you want to look better? You are beautiful just as you are. If you want to fall in love, they will see that.

Crystal xx

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way,


Love Crystal xx

travelling, but not in love said...

Great list - you need to get ticking!

As for number 29. You do.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Oz,

Hope you had a great birthday and that you have a great year and get to tick lots of things off that great list.

I think you have a great blog name, too ....

belle said...

oi, Tina, couple of awards for you at my place - come and collect :o)

Katherine and Pippa, said...

I was seriously miserable about getting to 40. I hoped it would get better when the day arrived. It didn't. But I did decide I Would Do Something Different with rest of my life. Nothing wrong with what had happened before - that was the problem - but I didn't want the rest of life to be a boring down-hill anti-climax.

Anyway that photo is super. You look really good on it.