Monday, 28 January 2008

Out of Breath

I'm only here really quickly, life is most manic at the moment, so I'm literally grabbing a few spare minutes as I haven't been here for so long. Forgive me, but you're really going to have to run to keep up, and I promise I'll come back later in the week.

Yes, it appears to approach, and ever faster. I will be 40 this Saturday. I expected to dread it, but instead am approaching it with glee, and a renewed joie de whatsname.

It remains the bane of my life. Not just because it gets in the way of really important stuff, like Jeremy Kyle for instance, but because it's horrible, and I hate it. There are however plans...

Somewhat foolishly, I (& some others) have agreed to do a sponsored weight loss thingummy at work, called Axe the Flubber, or some such delight. I have to commit to losing 10% of my body weight within 6 months. This equates to about 20 stone. Am thinking of having a leg off.

Nothing planned, although have recently come back from a lovely weekend in Portugal. Ooh, get me!

Needs decorating in some rooms, knocking down in others, & bricking up the remainder. Am thinking a coat of paint might have to do it though. And a blindfold at the door.

Not enough time to see them, talk to them, catch up with them or generally be with them. Is pissing me off mightily.

Is taking a very pleasant turn, thanks very much for asking. Yes, I'm being careful, yes I'm being careful not to get hurt, yes, I'm enjoying myself. Mightily.

Not enough time, not enough time to come & read you all, but I will do soon, I promise, I really haven't forgotten you all. I miss you very much.

Now to help me prioritise & manage my time better, if you leave me a comment, then please let me know which of the above you'd like me to expand on.

Because believe me, there's more on every single one...


Casdok said...

Lovelife of course!!!

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Doh! I'm with Casdok!

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Doh! I'm with Casdok!

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Sorry! Have no idea how I managed to post that twice....

farming-frenchstyle said...

Forget the blogging and concentrate on the love life - but let us know what happens!

Lola said...

Clearly I want you have a good time, but at the risk of being unpopular, what about us? See if you can combine lovelife with blogging, and just enjoy your 40's - I think life gets better the older you get. It has for me, anyway.

p.s. Laugh out loud funny about having a leg off. On my course, we were shown last term how much to adjust BMI for amputees. The picture shows a leg as 18.5% of body weight. Interestingly, it shows the head as 7%. An interesting alternative?

aims said...

Since we know you'll do love life - I'll ask for job.

Glad to see you for even a split second.

Swearing Mother said...

The one that includes sex, sorry, meant to say lovelife.

Anonymous said...

That holiday sounds intriguing. Who did you go with - can we have a two for one here? Holiday/Lovelife???

Crystal xx

Tina said...

Hello everyone, lovely to see you all! I promise I'll do love life, and job, and holiday, and Lola, I promise I'll try to be a more regular blogger about all of it.

Will pop round to all of you to catch up. Am starting now...

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