Monday, 26 May 2008

Well, That's Done Then

Bank Holidays then.

People are always campaigning for more Bank Holidays. Or random days off work. Or days to commemorate some obscure saint, a person of interest or Leona Lewis getting to Number 1 in America. I can understand it, really I can.

I mean, what could be better than a day off work, chance to do all of those jobs you've been meaning to do?

Get your decorating done, get out in the garden, catch up your chores? Go away for the weekend, do something touristy, go for a picnic?

All you people out there who've done just those things, you are my heroes. Really you are.

But did I really need another excuse to sit on my fat arse all day?


Working mum said...

Sounds like the perfect reason for a Bank Holiday!

aims said...

So who needs an excuse in the first place??

Brett said...

Love the leona lewis idea, i'm sure the PM will go for it, its no dafter than some of his other ideas. Love the blog.

travelling, but not in love said...

dur yeah?!?!

Bank holidays are made for sitting down on fat arses.

Anyone who achieves anything on a bank holiday needs to be taken out and disposed with.

I think we should have a 'Leona Lewis looks like a duck' day. That'd get my vote.

travelling, but not in love said...

btw, I linked you over at mine - hope that's OK...?

Tina said...

Working Mum, it's the guilt that kills me!

Aims, I never need an excuse to sit on my arse.

Brett, why thank you! Am with you on the Leona Lewis thing. ANd I love your photography!

TBNIL, how very controversial and marvellous in equal measure! And I'm delighted to be linked to you, it will do my street cred no end of good, but I expect it will mean I have to wear better shoes. There's always a price to pay... I'm going to link you right back, which means you have to be more sweary, and whine a lot.