Saturday, 13 October 2007

Can You Keep A Secret?

I know that blogging is like a big community; lots of friends who are always around to pick you up when you're down, to share their lives with you, to make you laugh. But can you keep a secret? Come a bit closer then - I'll whisper. A bit closer. Now wait there a minute, I'll be right back.

Are you there? I know that you've read the blog a couple of times, but I think it made you a little uncomfortable, like you were reading my diary. I don't think you've been back since though. Are you there now ? If you are, I think you'd better stop reading. I'm not going to say anything bad, but I don't think you'll want to read this. OK? Right then.

Sorry to keep you all waiting - I was just checking something. I was going to tell you a secret. I'm going away for the weekend, next Saturday. Until Tuesday. With a Someone.

You won't ever have hear me talk about dating. That's because I haven't done any. I haven't had a date in years. I haven't had a boyfriend since I separated from my now ex-husband. I wanted some time for myself, and my son. I wanted to know what I wanted from life.

I wanted not to make a mistake.

So, this going away business, it's a big deal, you know. For both of us I think. We've been friends for years. Really good friends. Always there for one another. Always making each other laugh. Always providing comfort when it's needed. Getting one another through bad times. We know one another really well. Better than if we had dated.

So we're going away for the weekend. To see how it goes. To see how we get on with each other in a different way. Just the two of us.

It might be the start of something. Or it might be the end.

Wish us luck?


belle said...

LUCK!!!! I'd put it in super large font if I knew how to. Then I'd colour it in, put dashes round the edges to make it look like it was flashing and finally circle it lots of time in highlighter.

Oh, and I want a full report on your return. And if you're wondering about what to wear, take a cardy. Perfect for every eventuality ...

Anonymous said...

Gosh, lots of luck coming your way. Whatever happens, do remain friends. I married my best friend. Okay, it didn't work out but we are still friends, not best friends obviously but we still care about eachother.

Hope you will tell us about it.
Crystal xx

Tina said...

Belle - thank you. Cardy is first on my list.

Crystal - it's a nervous business. But I shall to my best to report back. Minus the swearing, I hope

Swearing Mother said...

Hope you had a lovely time, Tina....

Now give us the gossip!

Mid-lifer said...

ooooooh!! tantalising! Good good luck. Enjoy yourself, whatever happens. remember though, we're waiting to hear all!

Tina said...

Swearing Mother & Mid-Lifer - stand by, I'll be back on Tuesday. Have tissues at the ready.

Just in case.