Monday, 5 November 2007

My Life In Flip Chart Form

I have been getting things all wrong. I have been trying to live my life as it suits me, & as it suits those nearest & dearest to me. I have not been planning properly, setting myself targets, looking at measures & agreeing on who is going to own certain actions. This is what I have been doing all day today. Not about my life, sillies, but about my work. But I reckon it could work with my life.

Let's be honest, it's all going to hell in a handcart at the moment, so we need to look at something new.

Shall we try?


Actions (What)
1/ Find a new job to increase earning potential
2/ Take up a new hobby to fill empty space left by completion of study
3/ Take more active role in son's education. Alternatively, just take active role.
4/ Find man to love & cherish (me)
5/ Decorate dining room

Actions (How)
1/ Sign up with employment agency. Or 7, if you are quite desperate & on the breadline
2/ Review night school courses & look at voluntary work options
3/ Listen when son is talking. Also try to understand what SATS are. And who to pay to get good ones. Alternatively buy books on how to pass SATS. If they do them.
4/ Assume he will knock on the door looking for me. If this does not happen, consider dating agency. Or friends with single, nerdy brothers. Or Big Issue sellers. Or people who need Visa to stay in country.
5/ Go to Homebase to buy paint & get off ass & do painting.

When & Process Owner
1/ Before Christmas. Me
2/ By Q1 2008. (That is before end of March next year to the uninitiated). Me
3/ Immediate effect. Me
4/ By end 2008. There is no point rushing these things. Also I need to collect new friends who might have single, nerdy brothers. And buy Big Issue. And frequent immigration centres.
5/ By end Jan 2008. Me

What will success look like?
1/ Will have new job. And more money. And more shoes. And pink coat. And manicure.
2/ Will be expert in basket weaving. Or Italian. Or sign language. Or will have adopted granny, child or pet.
3/ Son will do well at school. Will get good SATS scores.Will get good place at senior school. Will grow up successful & when awarded a prestigious prize will begin speech with words 'I owe this all to my mother'.
4/ Will have new boyfriend, partner, lover or husband. Will stop booking singles holidays. Will stop inadvertently flirting with trolls without realising. Will smile more.
5/ Dining room will look like dining room, instead of soup kitchen. Will be able to invite friends round. Will stop grimacing at vile wallpaper.

Now you see, it's quite easy once you get it all sorted.

Can't think why I've never done it before.

Oh, I know.



Anonymous said...

Excellent blog - a great read, thanks.

Good luck with it all. !!

Crystal xx

Rainbow said...

Oh, wish it were that simple...

But you're missing a trick - painting dining room could double as a new hobby, and therefore kill two birds with one stone!

And as someone who really did meet her now husband online (udate), there is something to be said for judicious use of the mouse. And you'd probably meet your friends' nerdy brothers that way too...

PS They do do books on how to pass the SATS and they're actually quite useful, although they did serve to show me just how much I'd forgotten; or more like, never knew in the first place :-)


belle said...

Wow Tina, so impressed! I always knew there was a reason I didn't work in a office ... I'd spend all my time floating about with coloured pens saying 'Can I colour that bit in for you?'

As for dating agencies, go for it! I know several who've found them very useful, just make sure you're not rebounding first my lovely.

Tina said...

Crystal, thank you. I shall need all the good luck you can send my way!

Rainbow, if I get this right, I could get nerdy online date to paint dining room while I make SATS my new hobby. This is called 'most efficient use of time'...

Belle, you would have been in 7th Heaven. Post it notes, coloured pens, drawing, mind maps... Will be careful on the rebound - it's why I've given myself all of next year. That's called 'procrastinating'...

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I agree with Belle, but rebounding can be fun if you just look to make new friends and keep an open mind. I met my now husband on - a free online dating site that was quite good fun. You will still get the odd twit on there but no more than you would meet in bars or clubs and at least you can get away from them. There's nothing better then seeing the old 'receiving mail' message when you get home and whack on the computer! Try it - new friends are always a bonus and you might find lurve!

Tina said...

MOB, will have a mooch & see if lurve whacks me in the face!