Thursday, 1 November 2007

I Would Hate to Make Enemies of my Friends

I have a very honest relationship with all of my good friends. We are not the sort of people that are polite with each other for the sake of it. We are not even polite when we are out in company & I very much doubt that we would be polite if we were in the presence of the Queen. When it became very obvious that I needed to have my eyesight checked (the chafing of my nose on the PC screen gave it away), I took a friend with me to help me choose the required glasses.

I tried on lots of pairs. That doesn't necessarily mean that I put them on my face. Some of them I just lifted up & she shook her head and said 'No' in a very definite voice. Some of them I put on my face and she looked at me and said helpful things like 'Good God, no' or 'Take them off, they're vile'. It is at times like that, that you need your friends to be honest with you. It is no use spending the rest of your life in glasses that make you look like the Milky Bar Kid's grandmother. And I love my glasses. I would wear them even if I didn't need them.

In my recent trials and tribulations, my best friends have been very honest with me. And I love them for it. If they were not already married, and if they were men, I would marry them myself.

If they would have me.

They have been stern with me. 'Don't call him', they have said, helpfully, when I have whimpered at them. 'Give yourself time', they have advised, when I have pleaded. 'Stop the damn moaning', they have thought, but never let me hear or see them think it.

As I've said, I've tried to be fair, and told them that things like this take two, I'm not a child, we have equal responsibility. They have agreed, they have threatened to slap me, and then they have said that they couldn't care less, because they are my friends, and I am their friend, and it doesn't matter apart from the fact that they don't like me to be upset, they hate to see me sad, and they are not liking it very much at all.

It is making me think that even if I did something horrible that they would be behind me.

I am not going to try that though, just in case.

I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of them.

Bizarre sentences that I never thought I would utter: -

Location: our office, senior management member running a lunch discussion about motivation and achievement.

Me: Are you really going to put Trinny & Susannah on the same sheet of flip chart as you have written "Putting man on the moon?!!!!'

I think my job is hanging by a thread...


Snuffleupagus said...

Hmm yes. Honesty is definitely the best policy with TRUE friends - but they are few and far between. With most people, one is never honest, whether at work or in friendships. True honesty requires too much of someone for it to work I think.

Swearing Mother said...

Definition of true friends:
People who really know you well, but still like you. Priceless.

belle said...

As I said to the Fireman this week, 'Obviously we're going to have to kill him', so don't think you're going to get chance to do anything dreadful - we're one step ahead ... ;o)

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

True friends you can count on the fingers of one hand and they are more precious than the finest diamonds. Poor friendships can ruin a moment, a day and a life by one cruel act of selfishness.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like a good friend. Are you feeling better today or is it me?

Crystal xx

Tina said...

Snuffy, how lovely of you to visit. Yes, honesty is reserved for a chosen few. And you have to work at being that rude to people.

SM, you're spot on. If these people weren't my friends, they would hate me. But they're stuck now, I've got too much info on them.

Belle, you and the Fireman are a force to be reckoned with. Like the 2 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

MOB, you're absolutely right. I would lay down my life for my true friends, but am more than happy to let others drift away.

CJ - it may be you, but it's also me too. Am on the mend I think.