Saturday, 28 July 2007

Tired, very tired...

Well, last week, somehow it just sort of got away from me. Spent the whole week feeling like crap, turns out I haven't got a thyroid problem after all, so it looks like it might be old age. Can a doctor sign you off work for being old? I think not. I struggled into work every day, faced a barrage of tellings off every single day from my well meaning friends who clearly love me very much, but strangely couldn't wait to get shot of me. I could feel eyes gazing at me all day, either willing me to keep going, or just hurry the hell up & keel over, I can't decide which. Wednesday was the worst day, no sooner had I arrived than I was being eyed up for a lift home - I'll grant you I was a bit wobbly, but really! It had taken me over an hour to get in, I wasn't going to turn round & go straight home again!

The old books have come out again, in the brief moments I can keep awake, which I'll grant are very few & far between. I'm currently looking at Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, it's a book I never expected to like, but did. I'm a million miles behind on my studying, but I'm so near now, I refuse to give up. And I know I'm stubborn enough to keep going.

I watched Heroes today that I'd taped in the week - that was so fantastic! I want to be Clare, the cheerleader - indestructibility, now that's the super power to have. I've had many discussions on this subject before (Tina Tangent!), and in the past I've always gone for flying or invisibility, but I was so wrong!