Wednesday, 18 July 2007


When all my troubles seemed so far away? Except they didn't really, not at all. Yesterday was the day after Monday (lord, how clever I am!), which is the day I went to see the doctor about the problems with my throat. A few questions later, and he appears to have diagnosed me with a thyroid problem. Now, forgive me for mentioning this, but is this not the sort of thing that you get when.... well, when you're older than 39 for goodness sake! In the last month, I've had to start wearing glasses for the first time, now my thyroid's gone on the blink, and at this rate I'll need a stairlift by Christmas. So yesterday, I was fairly exhausted, not very well at all, but today at least I'm out of my bed without passing out (always a good sign!) and I've made it to the doc's for a blood test. I only have to wait for the standard NHS 7 days and then I'll know if I have a thyroid problem, or if my body has gone into some sort of meltdown. I'm very much hoping that this isn't going to be a blog about various illnesses that crop up - where is the life that late I led?