Friday, 3 August 2007

Click. Snooze

There is no getting away from it. I'm a very heavy sleeper. In the past, I've slept through thunderstorms, traffic noises, and once, a very minor earthquake. On occasions, my son still creeps into my bed, if the night demons have been out to get him. At least, I assume he creeps, he may leap and shout. I know that sometimes, I'm surprised to see him & wonder why I'm hanging off the side of the bed. If I'm worried then I can be awake for tortuous hours in the night. If I'm not, or if I'm just too tired, then I could make the Olympic team for sleeping.

Because of this, I've taken to having 2 alarms to get me shifting in the morning. I have a little old-fashioned alarm clock, which has no snooze facility. And then I take my phone to bed with me too and set the alarm on that. When it goes off, it plays a little trumpet fanfare. It is usually somewhere near my head. I scrabble round for it blindly, then squint at it. I get 2 options - Turn Off, or Snooze. In the past, I would allow myself 1 snooze, then I'd be up and out of bed. Recently I've discovered that with 1 simple click, I can snooze for another 9 minutes.

Whilst I've been feeling unwell, I've learned that after an hour, my phone thinks "Lazy moo. She is never getting up. I'm turning the alarm off and she can stew." In turn I've discovered that if I then set a new alarm, we can repeat the whole process.

It is turning into a battle of wits between me and my phone. I'm not sure who the smart money should bet on.

I'm also not sure how successful you're going to be if you try to wake me up to tell me that I owe you betting winnings.




belle said...

Oh just so many comments I could leave here, Tina! Like the time I slept in till 1:30pm and my tutor called the police because I'd not turned up for a study day. Or the time the house nextdoor burned down and I slept through three fire engines, a police car and a siren despite being in the bedroom closest to the action. But those days are long gone. Now I read of your talent and marvel. I hope you list it on your cv because it sure as hell impresses the life out of me!

belle said...

Oops, seems I've drunk more of the red wine than I realised ... That was meant to read 'I slept through three fire engines, a police car and an ambulance ...'

Am off to do something harmless now ...

Tina said...

You should have something to dilute that red wine, Belle. Like vodka...

I should add it to my CV, you're right. I may put it next to "Can sing all of Don't Cry for me Argentina" - these are the best 2 talents I have