Tuesday, 14 August 2007

School Holiday Casualties

I am off work this week. Hurrah! Hence the lack of posts, although I confess I've missed it. I'm off with my son, in his school holidays. Sadly, there have been a number of casualties so far this summer holiday. I shall run through them, for your ease of understanding

  1. My son's fish died while he was on holiday. The fish doesn't live at my house, so I needn't feel any guilt over that particular incident. He was left with his vacation block whilst son & father were away on holiday, but sadly he has shuffled off this mortal coil. Rest in peace, Homer. Join your brother, Bart.
  2. The skin on my son's knee. He was riding his bike with his father on Sunday, skidded off it on some loose gravel, and has ripped lots of skin off his knee. It is apparently a 'road rash'. Very Tour de France.
  3. A healthy diet. Normally, I eat quite well, at least for a person that lives on their own for half of the week. I don't sit and eat Frosties, like a student. I don't eat peanut butter out of the jar, like a student. I do cook myself a nice evening meal, every evening. Sometimes it will be chicken and vegetables, or fish and vegetables. In case you've wandered into this blog by mistake, the name's Tina, not Nigella. Tonight it was pizza and chips. But they were oven chips, not fried ones. And I had a banana today, so all is not lost.
  4. A vertebrae in my neck. It appears to be broken, I'm not a doctor, but it feels like it might be C2, if I were to put a label to it. I'm typing remarkably well under the circumstances I know. I'll see how it goes tomorrow. It happened when my son (8 years old, and only 7 inches shorter than me - he's tall and I'm short, just in case you think we're a family of Borrowers) sat on my shoulders to get a better look at the jigsaw we're attempting to complete on the living room floor. And then fell off, forwards, taking my head with him.
  5. Any limits as to television viewing. I'm not letting him watch unsuitable programmes, certainly not. But today, there has been a fair amount of TV. What can I say? It was raining. And we're going out tomorrow. It never did me any harm. Mea culpa.

I love the school holidays. And I love being off in the school holidays. I love being off in the school holidays with my son. This week, I've laughed like a drain. My son has an ongoing joke this week, I'll share it with you, in case he grows up to be the next Peter Kay.

Son: (waves arm furiously in the air) Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

Me: Have you got a question?

Son: I just want to say something.

Me: Go on then

Son: You smell.

It's a riot here this week.


belle said...

Lovely to read you again! Sorry to hear about your neck. Broken vertebrae are such a pain and I speak from experience, I regualarly break mine ;o) I have taken note of the comedy routine and when you're living the life of the rich and famous as mother of the newest comedy sensation I shall be sure to share it with all and sundry as an example of how I knew you way back when.

Tina said...

You're right, it is a pain, but its a little easier today. I hope, when he's the newest comedy sensation, he doesn't sit on my shoulders then...

Mehalia said...

Good for people to know.