Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Incey Wincey

I don't like spiders very much. I understand that we are all God's creatures. I understand that they have as much right to exist as I do. I understand that (in the main) they aren't dangerous. What I don't understand is why they are out to get me. For goodness sake, there is no man in my house. Could they not go to someone's house where there is a man to get rid of them? Do they not know that they are not welcome in my house?

There was a spider in the bath this morning. It was a big spider. It was about the size of my head. If my head was about an inch in diameter, it would have been the size of my head. But it looked at me in a very challenging way when I went to turn the shower on. It is the only thing that I do turn on in this house. Or anywhere.

Anyway, it looked at me and dared me to dispose of it. I understand Buddhist principles. I understand that I shouldn't harm any living creature. But I am not a Buddhist. I turned the shower on and swished the spider round the bath for a bit. Until I thought I was safe. Then I swished it down the plughole. I was a bit wary - had it come up the plughole to get into my bath? Was that how it had arrived? Does that mean it can swim, or did it just wade? I've put the plug in the bath, just in case.

I know it is hanging under the plug, with its bristly legs, waiting until I take the plug out.

I am going to buy a flamethrower, just to be on the safe side.

I noticed that I had my first French visitor this week. I hoped they found what they wanted. Maybe it was a representative of Belle de Jour rather than Belle de la Maison.

Au revoir!


belle said...

Well, what can I say? It seems that you're not the only potentially receiving visits from the Belle du Jour. I think she must have enjoyed my entry on Chocolate from July ...