Monday, 6 August 2007

The medical marvel

I wished I'd had the foresight to put one of those voting buttons on my sidebar, then I could have had visitors to my blog vote for what they thought was wrong with me. Medically speaking, rather than just a free-for-all - I'm all for constructive criticism, but that's a step too far! The latest phone call to get my blood test results resulted in the proverbial trying to get blood out of a stone, henceforth to be known as "trying to get blood test results out of a receptionist". First she told me they were all normal. Marvellous!

Then she had a bit of a think about it and said that 2 of them hadn't been looked at yet. I asked if all of the results were back (they did take the proverbial Tony Hancock armful, it seemed!). She said yes they were, and told me the results she had. I thanked her very politely and put the phone down. I gave myself a few minutes thinking time, remembering what was on the form that had been requested - she hadn't told me about a couple of things. Is it maybe me, I thought? Did I listen properly?

I phoned back, asked some specifics about these 2 results. "Ah" she said. "Ah", I said in return, to be companionable. She didn't know, she couldn't see it. She'd have to talk to a nurse and call me back. In fairness, she did call me (I was a little sceptical by this time!). She'd asked the nurse, they couldn't see those results. Were they still waiting for them, I asked. She didn't know. Had they definitely been tested for those 2 things? She didn't know that either. I made an appointment with the doctor, to be on the safe side, my faith lost.

I don't have a very important job, I know that. I work for an insurance company, and I look after a team that deals with injuries on motor claims. We strive to get things right, but when we don't, the standing comment from a couple of my team is "well, it's not like we're finding a cure for cancer". And they're right, they're not.

Somehow, I expected better from the NHS.


belle said...

Trust me on this one. If you have the lowest possible expectations of the NHS there is every likelihood that you'll still be disappointed. Take it from one who knows ;o)

Swearing Mother said...

Don't take any truck from receptionists, they're only supposed to relay a message from the doctor, they don't know what's normal or not. You've done the right thing making an appointment to see the man himself. Make him ring up for the results while you wait if he hasn't got them already, the path lab will have them on computer.

The NHS is OK as long as you show it who's boss, so don't take any messing.

Hope you feel better soon Tina.

From another one who knows:o)

Rainbow said...

Hope you feel better soon, and at least find out what's wrong. Not knowing is draining as well.

But what is it about doctors' receptionists that turns them into such petty tyrants? As swearing mother says, treat them the same way - you're not going to make yourself popular, but it may make them do anything to get rid of you...

Tina said...

I wish I had come to see all of you instead of the doctor! We could have had a nice lunch as well! As all the tests were clear (thank you Swearing Mother, you were very right!), we have, by process of elimination, diagnosed me with......(fanfare & drum roll) a virus. Normally, I'd take exception to this, it strikes of not knowing any better, but as I'm actually starting to feel well again, maybe it would be petty ;-)

Swearing Mother said...

SO pleased all the tests came back clear, although viruses (or is that viri) are pesky critters, hopefully yours will get fed up, give up and leave. Look after yourself, take some vits, lots of water, spoil yourself and bit, plenty of sleep ....... have a day out shopping, lunch with the girls, bottle of Champagne, box of chocs (I am really making this up as I go along).

Good news though. Here's to a quick recovery.

Best wishes.

Tina said...

Swearing Mother, that sounds like the sort of prescription I can deal with! Mmmm, champagne & chocolate....