Friday, 14 December 2007

Just Checking

I have been out of action for some time. My computer was struck down with shoddy service, but has now recovered, thanks to some (drunken) complaining, and mild threats made to people on far shores.

So, what have you all been up to?

This week, I got my results! I have my degree! Am not a Belle type brainbox, I stand in her intellectual shadow as well as her tall actual shadow, but nevertheless, I have a 2.1!

I have been on some marathon drinking frenzy ever since. Am frightened of stopping, because this is going to be some mammoth hangover. Am in danger of knocking Amy Winehouse off her pedestal. But ho hum. I have my degree! And it's Christmas.

But while I was here, I thought I'd just ask you to help me with something. You know I wrote here about endings? And I was in a really bad place? And we all understood that it was over, and we weren't friends any more? And we know it ain't over till the fat lady sings? And we all heard her singing, didn't we? We did, didn't we?

I thought we did.

I was just checking.


aims said...

Congrats on getting your degree!!
Sounds so gratifying...

Now - are you having Christmas longings or misgivings and thinking of trying to get back with him? or has he come around again?

belle said...

Tina ...! We need to talk! Do I need to frown at you over the top of my glasses?

riverwillow said...

From another one who is in Belle's shadow, and will be literally tonight as I escort her through the London streets. CONGRATULATIONS on the degree its very well deserved (and an excellent result, but I also got a 2:1 so I would say that wouldn't I)

Manic Mother Of Five said...

I have a degree in men (bugger all else though), so feel qualified to ask the question................. What the fuck has happened? There's something you're not telling us...

Swearing Mother said...

Fantastic news re the degree, well done you!!

BTW, we never said it was all over, cos you can never say never. But just be careful, especially if you can't be good.

Anonymous said...

She had a very loud voice.

Congratulations, you clever sod!! What a fantastic result for you and a wonderful Christmas present.

Best wishes, Crystal xx

Tina said...

Thank you all - I've updated you in the next post, I hope.